About Adel

Adel Nef

Hi, my name is Adel!

Many people ask if I've ever had a weight issue. The answer is definitely, "Yes!"

I went on my first diet in the eighth grade. My dad suggested it, and after six months I was 83 pounds at 5'3. After starving my body on 800 calories a day, I binged for four months and gained 40 pounds and grew 2 1/2" in height.  That was the start of my yo-yo syndrome.  I tried diets with weekly group weigh-ins, pre-packaged foods, juice diets and every fad diet that came around. After doing the popular all-protein diet, I began having heart issues. Fad diets don't work!

When at Brigham Young University, my mother introduced me to the Diet Success weight loss method. I attended a School of Dietology and I lost 40 pounds. I dropped out of college to open my first business. That was in 1980.

Since then I have literally helped thousands of people and I can help you too!

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